How to avoid sinking

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The world is flooded with data. A simple search online would show that the majority of the data ever produced by the entire humankind through all the history has been created in the last decade or less. It is impressive, scary, and very interesting to witness. With the growing amount of information cheaply available we are witnessing a very remarkable moment that could speed up the process which is ongoing since the beginning of time: evolution.

As a species, we have already reached the point where the flow of information produced by us is so huge that no man can…

Why is not what you think

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This statement could be seen as a pretty strong prediction that is far from reality and I would say it is very much true. Let’s be honest, it is quite unlikely that in the future masses of people would be left in the irrelevance as some dystopic film pictured.

Why then writing an article about an unlikely prediction read on some book? Societies have shown more and more time that they are always able to drive the technology and constrain what needs to be slowed down while protecting what should be protected. From nuclear weapons to workers (talking mostly about…

Start with the right foot at the right time

Photo by Antonio DiCaterina on Unsplash

It is always interesting to reflect on what we accomplished in the last year to be ready for the next one. January is usually a period of new resolutions and commitments that few could bring forward and fulfill. There are different reasons why can be hard to reach those goals but a common ground that can be found by looking around is that many resolutions are driven by society standard or common belief instead of true desires and passion. Discover real directions that fulfill ourselves is not an easy challenge at all and require quite intensive introspection and self-knowledge.


Stefano Fedeli

Data Analyst, Writing for @bit.evolution. Passionate about Innovation, Humans and technology

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