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It is always interesting to reflect on what we accomplished in the last year to be ready for the next one. January is usually a period of new resolutions and commitments that few could bring forward and fulfill. There are different reasons why can be hard to reach those goals but a common ground that can be found by looking around is that many resolutions are driven by society standard or common belief instead of true desires and passion. Discover real directions that fulfill ourselves is not an easy challenge at all and require quite intensive introspection and self-knowledge.

There is always the possibility to leverage some deep technique that requires a bit of reflection and recently Ali Abdaal has shared his method on his Youtube Channel. I suggest you go to watch this video to create very challenging and true goals for this new year. As Ali said putting down some dreams and goals is not at all foolish but actually, helps us to give direction to our action and spread away some of that anxiety and fear that always appear when facing a big decision. It is exactly about those big decisions that will for sure part of our new year that this article is about.

Buying an apartment or rent a flat? Which degree or specialization pursue in the next idea? This six figures but boring job or this exciting but risky opportunity? … Everyone can add their own big decision that will now or soon face and I am pretty confident to say that is impossible to answer without having set some sort of a goal or dream. Usually, fear and anxiety regret are the first feelings to arise when deadlines approach but, even difficult, showing bewilderment could potentially unlock the situation and help you decide.

Bewilderment as a Solution

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When dealing with and hard choice we are blocked because on one hand we face uncertain consequences and on the other hand we do not know which action will lead to the best future for us. Pretty difficult to unstack this situation and many times we, at least I, let the time and external factor pop up and shuffle the card on the table or we just follow some guts feeling. There is nothing wrong to follow our guts but wouldn’t be much easier if we were able to label and express those guts in English or whatever language sentence? How much simple would be to choose between studying and training if we know we would love to become an Olympic athlete? I would argue that starting looking at yourself and your surrounding is the right choice to be then able to understand and express your gut feelings. Everything can be resumed in a couple of steps:

The first step consists of dreaming and be proud of doing so. Many times many people have let the world cover their dream in favor of problems that always regard limitation that is only in our minds such as work or family or religions. Later posts will come in this direction but recognize your ability to think out of the box and dream out loud is a first needed step.

The second step instead consists of setting and eventually sharing goals related to this dream. On the art of settings goals, a lot of words have been written and spoken by many people and this is out of the scope of this article.

If one makes sure to keep updated on its dreams and goals through the year then a big decision ahead would be much easier to tackle.

Writing or saying those words is very far from trivial and execution- as usual- plays a big role but I wrote this article to lead reasoning beyond practical example. Each new year resolutions are countless and strategies to sticking to them are many. What is missing is just taking more seriously that little time we spend dreaming about where we would like to be in the next following year. Each second spent with the focus on that would be a full minute saved when a hard choice will come.

To Conclude

Setting goals for the new year is not only a habitude that waits to be broken but an occasion to think about dreams and goals that would be very much helpful later on during the year when choices arise. The first step is to understand ourselves. Not an easy challenge, but a quest with this goal in mind for 2021 could be an interesting one to perform and share. Feel free to share your hard choices on Instagram tagging @bit.evolution so I would be able to repost everything.

I hear someone said something in the line of “pursuing the dream of someone else is the worst that can happen to a person”. I can say that there no worst future for a person to pursue a dream injected by a news feed of some social network.

If you would stick with me for the next 21 weeks hopefully a clear picture of humans and technology will raise. It is very easy to fall into the system without even notice it and thinking and expressing oneself is one of the ways out. Till the next one, if you understand Italian:

Bitevolution: Episode 1 — Disillusion



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